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Highly Recommend

Recently I was diagnosed with a very early stage breast cancer and was asked to consider a plastic surgeon for reconstruction surgery for this upcoming mastectomy as well as to reconstruct a mastectomy I had over 20 years ago. Meeting with Dr. Stephen Delatte was very emotional for me. Simply to have to be going through this “once again” after all these years to say the least was exasperating. As I “expressed” my frustration to Dr. Delatte as to “not wanting to be there in his office; to be discussing any of this” his reply to me was, “I hear your frustration and I will not take your words personally, however, I’m here to help you feel better about yourself”. Also mentioned by Dr. Delatte was that “he would not be satisfied with the outcome unless I was satisfied, as well as he, that no further improvements could be done”, to which pleased me tremendously. This broke the ice and not to mention the mood as I calmed down to listen to the information and choices I was offered. As I listened to plan A (silicone implants), we moved on to plan B (DIEP). We further discussed plan C (removing the breast with no further surgery) to which I decided to elect plan B. With these discussions, I was not pressured to choose A, B, or C, however, my husband and I were given plenty of information so that I could make the right choice for “me”, to return living my life to the fullest. I further considered the opinions of friends and acquaintances that had gone through this procedure recently and after carefully reading up on the information provided me at the initial visit and prayer, I feel I made the right decision for my lifestyle and me.

I would highly recommend Dr. Delatte and his courteous staff, as they too were very informative with the upcoming procedure as well as post-surgery questions.

V. Villien