• Stephen J. Delatte, M.D.
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  • Louis G. Mes, M.D.
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  • Hugo St. Hilaire, M.D., D.D.S
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About our Practice

Acadiana Aesthetic Surgeons and Skincare is a multifaceted practice that combines compassionate care with advanced plastic surgery procedures, reconstructive surgery and skin care – all in one convenient location. We are proven experts at enhancing all aspects of our patients' natural beauty – from face to breasts, body and skin. Located in Lafayette, Louisiana, the Heart of Cajun Country, we serve patients all across the Gulf Coast Region.

Our Doctors Make the Difference

When you choose Acadiana Aesthetic Surgeons, you benefit from being treated by three of the most talented and respected board-certified plastic surgeons in the region- Dr. Stephen Delatte, Dr. Louis Mes and Dr. Hugo St. Hilaire. These accomplished physicians have earned reputations as the foremost experts in breast augmentation – along with many other plastic surgery procedures.

Why Board Certification Matters

Drs. Delatte, Mes, and St. Hilaire are all board certified in plastic surgery. So what does that mean for you? It means that they have undergone extensive training in breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, facial reconstruction and many other aspects of plastic surgery – providing a level of knowledge and skill that most "cosmetic surgeons" can't offer. Simply put, if you don't go to a board-certified plastic surgeon, you may be taking a chance with a physician who does not have the same level of training and expertise.

Every Kind of Aesthetic Care

Acadiana Aesthetic Surgeons is one on the few practices in the region that provides a comprehensive range of aesthetic care including:

  • Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Skin Care

Relax – You're in Good Hands

We are dedicated to ensuring that your experience at Acadiana Aesthetic Surgeons is as pleasant, comfortable and stress-free as possible. Our staff is helpful, kind and discreet – and will do everything possible to help ensure that your visit is genuinely comfortable.

Schedule a Consultation Today

We strongly believe that a face-to-face consultation is the only way to truly assess your needs and determine the best way to help you. We invite you to contact us today to schedule a consultation – and find out for yourself how our talented physicians can enhance your natural beauty.